How do you burn fat effectively

Everyone wants to burn fat and get lean and more muscular. Infact that is the reason why sites such as are in such great demand.

People want to lose weight or even if they do not want to lose weight, they want to put on muscle rather than fat.

Ways to lose fat

A sure way to lose fat is detailed in however some other methods are mentioned below :


You should hydrate yourself as much as possible. Dehydration slows down the rate of fat burning. When you also drink a lot of water then you feel less hungry as the stomach feels full. Also, when you are thirsty at times the feeling is mistaken for hunger and so people end up eating when all they needed was to drink more fluids.

high intensity programs

Avoid Crash diets

You should not go in for crash diets as these will give you instant effects but the effects are not long lasting and you will find that you are worse off than you were before.

Frequent meals

You should eat more frequently rather than binge eating or eating just 2-3 large meals a day. This prevents the body from storing fat and it also increases the metabolism of the body.

As per if you lift heavier weights and push your body more than it is accustomed to, you will gain more in the form of fat burning. You should train harder for lesser durations and more infrequently. That way the body is pushed to it’s limit and has enough time between sessions to recoup and recover. This also helps you to burn fat when the body is not exercising. When there are periods of alternating between rest and heavy exercising, the body has to get used to switching between these two very different states and it burns fat.