How to write an effective research paper

Writing a research paper is a tough job, and you need to be very much specific in each place. You cannot just write on random things, and you have to follow a particular method. If you are not going to follow them, then your paper may get canceled or won’t score you good grades. Writing a good research paper is also difficult and time-consuming. So here is a quick overview of how a research paper should look.

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Parts of research papers


  • Title: The title of the paper should be very much engaging, and it must be valid with the topic so that the reader can easily know what the paper comprises of. And it is also the first things that anybody is going to see the paper.


  • Abstract: This is actually a kind of summary of the topic, and it would come at the last. It must not be in more than 250 words.


  • Introduction: This gives a background about the topic.


  • Methodology: This is the vital part of the research paper which contains the maximum information and the study that has been done related to this topic.


  • Results: This part displays the result of the study. This will determine whether the study was quantitative or qualitative.


  • Discussion: Here you need to place your opinion on the topic and the necessary measures that must be taken.


  • Conclusion: It gives an overview of the topic, and it will not contain any extra information.


  • Reference list: It will contain all the names and sources that have helped this project work.


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