Know How Richest Celebrities Do Things Differently


Man makes his own destiny. It takes pains and hard work to climb the ladder of success. Even the richest of the rich have to burn the midnight oil. However there are certain aspects that they do differently for a continuous flow of revenue.

  • Generation of revenue hourly basis

Yes you read it right! We always think it is on the project basis, but the underline fact remains that they want to know how much are they valued hourly. It will be interesting to know how much they thrive to get the best deal. Kate Moss was paid a whooping £3,326.45 for an hour of her shoot, of course two decades down the line.

  • Believe in taking risks
  1. S Eliot very rightly put when he said “only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go”. This has been the exact case with some of the richest celebrities. Such personalities are stars by themselves. They believe in their instincts. Imagine hadn’t after being fired from her office, Oprah not thought of trying her hands on media, today the media wouldn’t have had a brilliant person like her. Besides today she is amongst the richest celebrity in town.
  • Embrace Failure

The fact that no one is perfect is much imbibed in the minds of these superstars. They embrace it with a lesson. Steven Spielberg inspite of getting rejected for his contribution to the University for Cinematic Arts, he did not give up.  In fact he is the person who made ‘JAWS’ a blockbuster gaining a lot of accolades and prosperity.

  • All new you

It is a daily practice of reinventing oneself with superstars. The richest of the rich are aware that with time everything fades away. It is here that they find something new in themselves in order to appeal the masses.Ariana Grande reinvented herself when she found herself good in music career; her acting skills took a back seat.

It is so great to learn some valuable lessons of life from such celebrities. to know more on them click