Milestones and Records to be surpassed: Young minds did it

The title of this article says it all as records are to be broken no matter what is the height or hype of that record in any field is it games, sports, Olympics or business world. Entrepreneurship break the all records of making money in the field of the business world.

Most interesting fact is the age of thee entrepreneurs who are in their 20s or 30s and they are breaking records and surpassing each any every milestone which is put in the field of making money. Their companies are running like machines and cashing in on a whopping amount of money and their respective net worth is going higher and higher in forth coming years.

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Revolution in the world of business

Entrepreneurship started a revolution in the world of business men where age is no bar to start a company, sex is not barrier where women are also making their mark in the market with their innovative ideas and their companies are also making handsome amount of money.

There is a lady entrepreneur who is competing with her male counterparts and her celebrity net worth in not less than those of the male entrepreneurs. Her name is Elizabeth Holmes and her celebrity net worth is $ 4.7 billion. She founded a blood testing company Theranos and today is one of the billionaires in the world.

So list is endless and there are many to come in this category in the coming years. This is just an evolution in the field of startups and this is going to be a miraculous journey for the young guns of the universities who are now struggling with the odds of their lives but they are yet to come to this list.

These celebrities set some records in the form of their earnings and their celebrity net worth but these milestones as per will be surpassed in the future for sure by the other young entrepreneurs.