Need to Wear a Sunglasses for Eye Protection

Sunglasses are said to give protection to the eyes and thus it helps to keep overall health of an individual. However, people also wear sunglasses to prevent sun’s glares from entering their eyes. One can visit the site for information on sunglasses.

The importance of wearing sunglasses:

  • When someone is outdoors during the summer wearing sunglasses is essential.
  • Due to heavy ozone rays from sun rays, sunglasses is a preventive measure for avoiding the sun – related health problems, as it is known that eye is very sensitive part of our body. Thus wearing sunglasses to avoid the damaging rays is important. Some might have a painful ailment and some might get some irritating feeling or something serious can happen.


  • Another reason to wear sunglasses is that the skin around the eyes and the eyelids are sensitive to the sunlight along with extreme sunlight. It is said that about 10 percent of the skin cancers are affecting the skin near the eyes. Thus, one should always wear glasses with UV protection having large lenses so that not only the eyes are protected but also the skin around it too is protected.
  • Cataracts is an ailment which is characterized by the cloudy areas in the lens of the eyes. When one is exposed for a longer duration to UV rays, one can get cataracts. Further, if the exposure is prolonged one can even worsen the symptoms and get Glaucoma, which is another serious condition that can lead to blindness.
  • Retina has a part known as macula which gets deteriorates and leads to a condition known as Macular Degeneration. This causes impaired vision and might lead to blindness if the maculais completely deteriorated. Certain kind of UV radiations can speed up the process of deterioration. Thus, wearing of sunglasses will help protect the deterioration of retina and prevent blindness.

Hence, in order to protect the eyes from various ailments, it is a need of the day to wear sunglasses not only for fashion but for protection purpose. The optical vision guru will help you decide on the type of sunglasses that is suitable for your eyes.