One of the Most Successful Programs of Foundation of Defence for Democracies

After Mark Dubowitz started off with one of the reputed organizations, Foundation of Defence for Democracies, there has been a timeline of events that have taken place in their time of existence. Amongst all of the different events that have been taking place, one of the best was the Turkey Program which was organized by Foundation for Defence for Democracies. Let us today discuss shortly the Turkey Program which was led by Foundation of Defence for Democracies.

The Turkey Program led by Foundation of Defence for Democracies

The Turkey program which was initiated by the Foundation for Defence for Democracies was mainly formed to make a bridge between the public of America and also the existing policymakers. This bridge was used to be kept informed about all the policies, which were unsafe from AKP. But, the fact that is important to know is that why was this bridge formed to make a connection. The reason behind the formation of this bridge was to make aware of the upcoming threats which can come upon the western security as well as the security of Turkey.

Another point which was included in this Turkey Program was the tolerance that was associated with Turkey which came along with the activity programs of the Jihadist and the Islamist. Thus, as we can see, this was a great program initiated towards the safety and the upbringing of Turkey, which is an ally of the United States of America.

This was a gist to whatever was planned and the reason behind whatever has happened in the Turkey Program led by Foundation for Defence of Democracies. Summing up altogether, this entire development and concern about the many factors which were taken up by the Foundation for Defence for Democracies, the main credit go to Mark Dubowitz. This is because, this man, Mark Dubowitz was the one to initiate this strong organization which has now started doing many developments.