Strengthen your vocabulary with these games

Your vocabulary is the one thing that will help you win over clients and dates with equal aplomb. When you have an enviable word stock in your kitty, you will have an added advantage to your communicative skills. However, it is not important to only know difficult words you should also know where to use them in the correct manner. That is why you should read more good books and also play word games at sites such as projectlexicon. These sites have a well-researched data base of words that are used to form interesting games which are stimulating to your brain cells as well as great fun to play.


Flaunt your word power

Don’t you want to flaunt a new word in your conversations every other day? If you are a nerd who never seems to hit it off with a girl, maybe using the right words to woo them will finally seal the deal for you! Try to accumulate as many words as you can from project lexicon by playing and learning at the same time. These games have been developed keeping in mind the short attention span of both kids and adults nowadays. Therefore, you will never get bored out here, even though it looks much like a board game with no animations or graphics. However, these will save you a lot of embarrassment and will be a real saviour on a date with a classy woman! Women love their men to be well-educated and almost always fall for a man who can speak well.

So many levels to explore

There are also quite a huge number of levels in each of the games that can be played on this site. You can explore lower levels to learn basic words or go to higher difficulty levels for more complicated words that are not frequently heard or read.