The economics for price control and discount offers

It may not be the most difficult scientific concepts involved behind the operation of price mechanism for any commodity that is being traded in the market. The operation of economics behind the same determines the level of discounts to be offered by the marketers who are always in the need of great customer support.

Whenever there is a fall in the price of the commodities being traded in the market, there are two possible reasons that are synonyms for each other namely excess demand and deficit supply. The excess demand urges the seller to sell off their product even at a higher price which the consumer may be competing for. The high price causes some of the buyers to exit the market and decrease the demand of the product. This way the product demand and is decreased leading to the establishment of a new price that is higher than the previous one.

Whenever there is a fall in the price of the product, two synonyms are responsible namely deficit demand and excess supply. The extra stock available with the sellers urge them dispose off at least a portion of their produce even at a low price, that results in the formation of some new demand. This way the price is established at a lower price.

The economics for discount offers


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