What is the Net Worth of CEO?

A CEO of the Chief Executive Officer of a company or firm is the main individual who has to take charge of things happening in there. He/she is the bridge between the employees and the management. Unless the CEO is an understanding and has a powerful knowledge on the products or tools which are produced in the firm or business, then things can do off hand.

Luckily, that has never happened and in this list we will take a look at some of the richest CEOs.

Larry Page Net Worth

Larry Page is the CEO of Oracle and he was also the founder. He is an entrepreneur, businessperson, computer scientist, and Internet entrepreneur. His net worth as a CEO is $29.8 Billion.

Steve Ballmer Net Worth

Steve Ballmer as the CEO of Microsoft takes in $22.9 Billion.

Ananda Krishnan Net Worth

Ananda Krishnan is a film director and businessperson whose networths $11.8 Billion.

Elon Musk Net Worth

Elon Musk is certainly not an uncommon name. The man who began PayPal and others is certainly to be reckoned in what he does and says. He is one of the most popular CEOs who never shy away from taking responsibility and setting an example. He is an aerospace engineer, engineer, entrepreneur, investor, designer, businessperson, inventor, and film producer with a net worth of $11.7 Billion.

Eric Schmidt Net Worth

Eric Schmidt is an electrical engineer, engineer, businessperson, and software engineer whose net worth is $9.2 Billion.

As you can see, it pays well to be a CEO of a company or a firm. You are in charge of everything which happens and your decisions are taken seriously by one and all. If you are interested in knowing more about the net worth of the CEOs and popular names, then you will want to spend some time on the site net-worths.org.